PRESS: What they’re saying about PubLetters

Thank You, print, radio and inter-web journalists for helping spread the word about our little letter and lager sessions!

Here are some recent stories about PUBLETTERS :

The Crane Paper Company  interviews Nestor (Casa Papel) and Michael (Trophy Bikes) about Publetters and the letter-writing movement.

THE STAR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERStar reporter Melissa Komar covered a recent session at the Standard Tap, and dubbed it, “Letters Last”.

PHILADELPHIA CITY PAPER — Natalie Pompilio takes a different tack on her lede, and got great quotes from all and sundry. Please read it twice!

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER–Staff Writer Samantha Melamed gave us a very thorough–and funny feature here.

PHILEBRITY: Very nice mention for Fall!: “Publetters moves to Standard Tap”

And:  Human Beings to Gather at Local Bar to Write Something Called “Letters”.

WHYY-NEWSWORKS: Letter Drafts on Tap at Local Pub


• And back in July: Best Way To Spend a  Tuesday Evening…

Drink Philly: Draft Letters While Sipping Draft Beer

JOE SIXPACK: Publetters at Doobies

PHOODIE : Do You Remember Letters?

PHILEBRITY, Again (Thanks, Joey!) Retro Writing

PAPERCLIPS215: Head Over to Publetters 

PHILLY BEER SCENE: Publetters Ink and Drink

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