Please send your cards and letters to:


c/o mcget

627 S. 27th St.

Phila. PA 19146.

2 Responses to WRITE US!

  1. What a super cool event you’re doing! I’m very fond of cursive writing and can’t imagine not writing EVERY day for my job as an admin. Kudos to you, it definitely helps connect people! My psych prof told us on our first day of class this semester, that he suggested we take our notes by hand instead of laptops because it was much better for retention and recall. A study a few months ago proved this. THANK YOU for doing this!


  2. Owen Sindler says:

    Hi Gang
    Have you seen the article in March issue of Bicycle Times—-“sketching and traveling by bicycle, bus and train”. They used Bromptons in their midwestern adventure.


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