What’s 22 + 29?

Um, those are the dates of the last two October Tuesdays (and the last two PUBLETTERS sessions this fall at TATTOOED MOM). And here’s  our little flyer for it.


We have had a banging little time at our “Reserved” table, stamping scores of post cards and letters to Frank Ocean, the unstoppable RBG, a certain Mr. Kaepernick, to the shy and retiring (at least where CHINA’s NBA cash is concerned) LeBron James and – as always – to friends and fam and of course, to Mom.

Join us from 5 to 8 pm the next two Tuesdays… and just maybe help us write to a Philly gal, TC, who has just gone over the rainbow and ended up, not in OZ, but in BOISE (founded 1863). She may need some cheering up, in the form of actual words written on real paper, and yes, we can loan you a pen.

It’s all FREE, thanks to the independently owned Trophy Bikes!, where cheerfully we fix flats, sell Bromptons and Surlys and (less-cheerfully) complain about brunch worshippers parking in the bike lane on weekends!

FOR NOVEMBER… we have unconfirmed reports that Publetters will be setting up our Samsonite “Slim-Line” briefcase in the only Philly tavern that has a tower named after it!  More details soon.


FOR RIGHT NOW! Please be aware that this very weekend (10/18-19) is CHARACTERS WELCOME, the 8TH ANNUAL international sticker art show, upstairs at Tmom’s. You should go, here’s the link. 

IN HONOR OF CW2019, we will have a ton (um, maybe 1/2 a pound) of sticker postcards and crayons/markers/etc.  so you can make your own mailable art–and then immediately mail it.   See you on South Street! 



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What’s Brewerytowning?

BAR ERA – is indescribable. We can only list some of its features: a pool table; Ethiopian food; craft beer; VG soundtrack from the juke; charming staff. We snap open a Samsonite “Slim-Line” briefcase and add a tiny bit more to that mix, every Tuesday in August. Come early and take advantage of Happy Hour. FREE, of course, thanks to @trophybikes , an independent shop that is guided by its customers, the weather, and the ingenuity of its brands (among other things).     N.B. As always, if you forgot your pen, you can borrow one of ours at Publetters.   • • Starts August 6; scratch out some “Wish we were there…” letters and cards over a nice cold beer.pubERAcolor.JPG

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Write on in Old ( no ‘e’) City!


Things to know about Publetters, letter-writing and the Victoria Freehouse:

• They are neatly tucked away from the rumpus of Old City, on Front St.

• You can get to the VFH from almost anywhere via SEPTA/ Patco / Amtrak / Carriage Horse, bicycle, etc. If you drive, expect to search for parking a little, but possible!

• They serve Old Speckled Hen, a mild British ale that is the perfect accompaniment for writing post cards or letters.

• We are doing Publetters there from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Tuesday in July. As of NOW, that means there are still: 7/16, 7/23 & 7/30 left, to scritch and scratch out some heartfelt, handwritten mail.

• It is said that Oscar Wilde would sometimes finish sealing a letter in his London study, then fling it out the window to the street, saying breezily, “Someone will post it!”

• Their Happy Hour goes from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., overlapping nicely with Publetters.

• We bring everything you need (postcards, paper, envelopes, stamps, even loaner pens and pencils) to Publetters. It’s free, thanks to Trophy Bikes. Tell a friend. Thanks!


NEXT MONTH: Bar ERA, in Brewerytown. More on that soonish.


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For February, it’s the STANDARD TAP

Start with a great, local, craft beer list; add a nice upstairs bar with a fireplace, and a solid menu. That’s why we ❤️ doing our Tuesday night Publetters at the Standard Tap (2nd and Poplar in N. Liberties PHL. •• Write a post card or letter, sip a beer, repeat as desired, and maybe get a jump on Valentine’s Day. Goes 7pm to 9-ish, FREE; first one is 2/5.

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On 22 Jan.— drink a beer(s). write a letter(s) at ThePostPHL!

Yes—among his other feats—Ben Franklin was the First Postmaster for the 13 Colonies, AND the First Postmaster General for the United States he helped birth.

(Ben’s holding the Samsonite “Slim-Line” brief case—used to bring everything needed to write and send a letter or postcard at Publetters) •  L👀K for that case on Tuesday (1/22) at @thepostPHL , a brand-new pub tucked into the ground floor of  CIRA SOUTH, 129 S. 30th St. We’ll be tucked into a corner of The PostPHL from 7pm to 9-ish. Find us, and we’ll set you up; then Just Add Words. FREE? But of Course!


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four tuesdays/four locations….!

IT’S Complicated… but we will be snapping open our #Samsonite briefcase at a *different* bar each Tuesday in January.  On 1/8–we’re at the wxyz bar, upstairs at the ALOFT HOTEL (101 N. Broad St.; 7p-9p –roughly where that Pelikan pen nib is pointing to, just above Arch Street.) Come write letters with us! Postcards, too. • Publetters is FREE, of course.

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We are trundling into December —And DOOBIES!

Very simple really, find a seat, get some paper and/or a card and write some words to friends & fam! 🖊❤️📩 It’s FREE, thanks to Yards Brewing & Trophy Bikes. Goes from 7 to 9-ish on Tuesdays. First one is 12/4 and yes, we can lend you a pen.

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Back in CenterMidtown Village, as we call it–in Fergie’s Pub

FERGIES has NO TV!  It’s convenient to nearly everywhere by transit, bike and horse carriage. You could even try to drive there if you’re into that sort of thing. We snap open our Samsonite “Slim-Line” brief case (filled with stationery and stamps)  at 5 p.m. and go till 7-ish p.m. approximately.  Which is nice, because this overlaps with Happy Hour!  Please come by and write something ON PAPER, and please PUT THE DATE ON IT for the sake of future historians and flea marketers—not to mention
your descendants. Publetters is FREE thanks to Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes. Come on by!
President Barack Obama signs a letter to a Cuban letter writer, in the Oval Office, March 14, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
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October—and we’re in Bridgewaters Pub!

Bridgewaters Pub may be the MOST “reachable” place we’ve ever hosted a Publetters in; Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station is at the heart of the Northeast Corridor–reachable by Septa , Amtrak, Boltbus, NJ Transit, and a quick walk from Center City and University City. It’s just off the Schuylkill River bike Trail, too. Get here (using your preferred mode) and write a letter(s) or postcard(s) to far-flung friends! Follow us on Instagram/Twitter/FB — @publetters.

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Let’s write home from school–at Local 44!

PUBlocal44Everyone gets a little bit homesick in the fall… sit down in this cozy neighborhood taproom, empty and glass and fill up a page with some words to the folks. They miss you, too! We set out all the stationery and stamps about 7 p.m. and go till 9-ish. PRO TIP: come early, take advantage of Happy Hour and save on delicious beer and snacks.  


 September …. Local 44 (44th & Spruce, in progress!)

Oct.: Bridgewaters Pub, inside 30th St. Station, 7-9 p.m.  

Nov.: Fergie’s Pub, 1214 Sansom St. Note earlier time– 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  

Dec.: Doobies Bar, 22 & Lombard Sts. 7 p.m. to 9-ish p.m. 

Remember: Publetters is presented by Yards Brewing, with stamps by those scamps at Trophy Bikes. 

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