TwoMoreTwosdays at McNally’s…

We  ALMOST  ran out of BATMAN  stamps (RIP Adam West) at yesterday’s PUBLETTERS. But before that happened, we composed, wrote, signed, sealed and stamped letters and postcards to Urbana IL, Huntsville, AL (where your host spent his toddler years catching crayfish), Amsterdam HOLLAND, and even to pals right here in Philadelphia.


• • •  Looking heavenward, we wrote to His Holiness Pope Francis, and to Katharine G. Johnson – whose computations at NASA helped send the first Americans into space and inspired the movie “Hidden Figures.”  We’ll be at McNally’s Tavern for two more Tuesdays (6/29 & 6/27) to keep letter writing alive and kicking.

FREE, of course, thanks to Trophy Bikes and Yards Brewing (makers of “Sons of Ben Rowdy Ale”)

Starts about 7 p.m. and goes till a bit after 9, so your host can race back to the Chestnut Hill West Station, just a block away!

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Off to a snappy start in CHESTNUT HILL

We are always happy when someone writes us back, be it friend, or relative or – just this week – Alec Baldwin!  Philly writer and Publetters recidivist GD Hoffman showed us an awesome, personal note he got back from AB, in response to a letter he sent off to Mr. Baldwin recently at Publetters.


Which brings us around to our motto: Want to get mail? Gotta give mail!

Join us every Tuesday this month at McNally’s 8634 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill.  It’s a congenial bar AND it’s just a few feet from the Chestnut Hill West train station. We set out the paper, envelopes and stamps at seven p.m. and gather up your sincere letters a little after nine p.m.   Cheers!

OH, and it’s FREE, of course, thanks to Yards Brewing Co. and Trophy Bikes PHL.  


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Just as it says above, we are back at McNally’s Tavern,  birthplace of ‘The Schmitter” sandwich, a large,  extraordinary assemblage which we think should be eaten before or after writing a letter for reasons of neatness.

• • •

 Join us, just a few steps from the Chestnut Hill West train station every Tuesday in June, starting 6/6. We set out all the stationery and stamps at about 7:01 p.m. and collect all the letters and cards around 9-ish, give or take!

As always, Publetters is F R E E, thanks to Yards Brewing  and Trophy Bikes. 

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Passyunk Post Office at P.O.P.E. !

Trot (or gallop) down to South Philly tonight!

We’ll be writing cards and letters and drinking beer at the Pub On Passyunk East this evening (and every Tuesday in May) at the P.O.P.E, where Dickinson diagonals rakishly across Passyunk Ave.  •. Join us from 7 to 9ish; it’s FREE, thanks to Yards Brewing + Trophy Bikes. • OH–and if you like things more compact–maybe follow @publetters on Instagram, FB and Twitter! 

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We will only add that we expect this could, in fact, be a very popular Publetters indeed, so please arrive early at Local 44, and collect your thoughts! As always, thanks to our Sponsors: Yards Brewing, Trophy Bikes, and we must mention the Gang Of Three:  Printers Place,  Rittenhouse Press, and Northern Liberty Press–thanks for the stationery, you all.


The particulars, as noted in the photo:  Publetters at Local 44, 44th and Spruce, West Philly (aka University City). Every Tuesday in April (4, 11, 18 + 25), from 7 p.m. to 9-ish p.m.  We bring all the stationery, stamps and loaner pens, as well as our cheat sheet with the mailing addresses for a diverse group of noteworthiness and not-so-worthies.!


FREE, of course; just bring words.

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Cards & Letters gettin’ Better n’ Betters

Oh my, we really enjoyed our Publetters session at Tattooed Mom this week: From elegant letters on linen stationery to scrappy illustrated postcards, it was a great Tuesday.


We wrote to friends in Brooklyn NY and Brewster MA and Madrid ESPAÑA and a very good friend in Oaxaca MEXICO and also, for the first time, we wrote to Kannapolis NC! We sent a story to Quiet Riot – care of their agent in West Hollywood CA; and we wrote a number of cards to that life of the party, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey. And last but not least, we penned sincere letters to: “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”, care of Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley CA, -and- one to “Our Future Self”, care of the writer. Got us to thinking, those did…

IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TO PUBLETTERS YET… Next Tuesday (3/28) would be a perfect evening to start–it’s our last one at Tattooed Mom. For April, we’ll be at LOCAL 44 (at 44th + Spruce, which many believe is the exact spot where University City becomes West Philly) First one is April 4th. We go back to our regular start time of 7 p.m. and end around 9-ish.  FREE, of course, thanks to Trophy Bikes (the shop that’s open a LOT) and Yards Brewing (who would be great even if all they ever made was Philly Pale Ale) .   

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A Blizzard of MAIL

Well, we defied STELLA, and scritched and scratched a stack of cards and letters (28 in all, not bad for a frigid Tuesday) to all sorts of lovely people–and to Sen. Pat TOOMEY. (see below for a sample)

We also dropped a line to good old Joe BIDEN, at his fave haunt, the CHARCOAL PIT down in Delaware. Please join us next Tuesday, when the forecast is a balmy 51 degrees, with a 70% chance of a light sprinkle and a 100% chance of letters!


Sometimes a simple, er, graphic is all you want to send to our elusive Senator from PA.

Remember, Publetters is at Tattooed Mom every Tuesday this month, starts at 6 pm., ends pretty promptly at 9; FREE, thanks to Trophy Bikes and Yards Brewing Co.


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Kindly March over to T-Mom’s on Tuesdays. Thank You.

FIRST EVER Publetters on South Street was last Tuesday, at TATTOOED MOM, where the writing is most definitely on the wall.  We missed you!   Looking forward to a very busy bunch of Tuesdays, writing to friends, foes and our elected officials. We did write to Sen. Pat “no Town Hall” Toomey, and to friends in England and South Philly….

DOOBIES2.14.16 NOTE: one important change–earlier start time. We will set out stationery, stamps, loaner pens and our cheat sheet of addresses at 6:00 p.m (rather than the usual 7:01 p.m.), and finish up by 9. Still FREE, thanks to the women and men of Yards Brewing Co., and Trophy Bikes, “The Shop That’s Open a Lot!” NEXT ONE: Tuesday, March 14, at T-Mom’s 530 South Street.

Bring words! 

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Headed for the Standard Tap…

We finished up January at Fergies Pub with a solid stack of 49 letters and postcards. Sean Spicer, D. Trump, and Barack Obama will be hearing from us–in writing. You should know that we sent our first-ever Publetter to the town of Billericay, in the somewhat-United Kingdom.

We had some things to tell Mr. Joe Biden. So we wrote cards and letters–a lot of them–to our favorite VP at his civilian hangout… The Charcoal Pit in Wilmington DE. We’ll take our burger medium rare, Joe!


We do hope JB sees our notes up on the wall at the Pit this spring. OK, get a hold of yourselves…. we will make our routine monthly shift of location–in this case, from Fergies to the Standard Tap, 2nd and Poplar Sts. in ever-changing Northern Liberties. First Publettrs is Feb. 7 (also the 14, 21 and 28) Attend one, or several. It’s FREE, thanks to the Yards Brewing characters, and Trophy Bikes … oh, and the Gang of Three – our stationery sponsors: Rittenhouse Press, Printers Place and Northern Liberty Press.

Remember–the 14th is St. Valentine’s Day, so you may want to gets those cards our on our first Tuesday session.  We start at about 7 p.m and go till well after 9 p.m.




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OBAMAMAIL, and beyond…


THE WHITE HOUSE MAIL ROOM; where staffers would choose 10 letters for President Obama to read each day–selected out of 10,000 !  NY TIMES PHOTO BY DAMON WINTER

This past Sunday, the New York Times wrote about an extraordinary American institution: The Letter A Day program of the Obama White House.

George Washington got 5 letters a day, the NYT reported; Barrack Obama’s daily mail totaled 10,000. A team would work through every single one, somehow winnowing out just 10 LADs for the President to read each evening. It’s solid and moving journalism; read it here.  AND click or call 1-800-NYTIMES to subscribe, if you don’t already; real news has just become vitally important.

Tonight, and next Tuesday, join us at Fergies Pub, 1214 Sansom Street. There’s no TV, so that’s a huge plus. There will be lots of stationery, stamps, and envelopes. We will have our new President’s mailing address, as well as Alec Baldwin’s.  Want to drop a line to Joe Biden care of his favorite hangout, the Charcoal Pit? We’ll have that too. We start around 7 p.m., and finish up sometime after 9:30-ish.  It’s FREE, thanks to Trophy Bikes and Yards Brewing, AND the Gang of Three, our stationery sponsors: Printers Place, Rittenhouse Press, and Northern Liberty Press.

LOOKING AHEAD: We love Valentine’s Day, and so does our February host–the Standard Tap, and 2nd and Poplar Sts., in Northern Liberties. Show someone you love them–put it in writing.  We will be upstairs at the Tap every Tuesday in February, starting 2/7.  (and Feb 14, 21 & 28th)  Be early and snag the tables closest to the fireplace.

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