It was a punctual crowd, indeed, at the Standard Tap in Northern Liberties; Nestor, of Casa Papel was handing out paper ten minutes before our scheduled start time of 7 p.m., and the first pub letter was signed, sealed and stamped at 7:06 p.m. EST!

Letters went to California, Tennessee, the Garden State of New Jersey, and to every corner of Philadelphia. We were very happy to write to Mr. James Spinelli of Quaker Shoe Repair in Haddonfield. He’s retiring at 94–after 84 years of saving soles. (sorry!)

Drinks and Ink mix quite well, as this aerial picture shows.

Drinks and Ink mix quite well, as this aerial picture shows.

This of course, was the first of four Tuesdays at the Tap–we will return on the 16th, 23rd and 30th.

Please join us and bring your address book*. As always, we will provide fine stationery courtesy of Casa Papel, and 1st Class postage sponsored by Trophy Bikes.  Starts promptly at 7 Pm, and of course, it’s FREE. Please tell a friend about PUBLETTERS, and like us on Facebook, which we all know is no substitute for a nice, handwritten, heartfelt letter. With kind regards, Mike and Nestor, your Publetters hosts, and the cast/crew of the Standard Tap. Below:  our stack–37 handwritten letters (and one Rides a Bike postcard)–all mailed before last call:

The nights' production: 37 mailed, plus three headed home; "forgot their addresses," we were informed.

The nights’ production: 37 mailed, plus three headed home; “forgot their addresses,” we were informed. In the background, a half of PBC Kenzinger, we also had a nice brew from Yards!

* We always bring a cheat sheet of addresses, so that you can write to the Mayor of Atlantic City, Pope Francis, Kevin Bacon or the poor guy who handles Vladimir Putin’s PR, among others.

PS: The New York Times recently had a chat with some notable performers about the love letters in their lives.

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Co-owner, Trophybikes in Philadelphia; live with and tolerate computers; but I also dig manual typewriters. Shoot film from time to time, as a break from the rush of digital. Favorite bikes: Brompton S3L-X, Surly Cross Check, SURLY Long Haul Trucker Favorite camera: Leica M4, Fujifilm X20, Nikon F4. Favorite typewriter: Olympia SM9, Olivetti Lettera 22.
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