PUBLETTERS closes out September at the Standard Tap

We finished up a lovely month of Publetters at the Standard Tap last night. Did we write to friends in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston and Austin? Why, yes, we did, as well as sending first class letters to WI, NY, CT, WV and DE !  ••  More than 100 letters went out from the Tap during the month and there’s a lot of happy Grandmoms and Omas out there, we can tell you. We also sent some love to WKDU “New Matt Show” over at Drexel University.    As always, our letters were written on fine stationery from Casa Papel and their stamps (1st Class, of course, that’s how we roll) provided by Trophy Bikes.


Here’s an end-of the-night letterstack–mailed before last call!

Because it was SAUSAGEFEST at the Tap, we also enjoyed some incredible food and German-accented brews to wash it all down with. You can still dig the S-Fest through this Thursday, 10/2 at the Tap. Bring some paper and compose your own private Publetters while you scarf down a Kaisekrainer!

  WANT MORE PUBLETTERS?   Join us on Tues., 10/7, at Doobies, 22 & Lombard.          (7pm – 9 pm, FREE of course).  PUBLETTERS will be back every Tuesday in November– at a brand new bar–maybe in Manayunk, maybe in Fairmount?  Follow us here & like us on Facebook to stay in the loop!

About phillytyper

Co-owner, Trophybikes in Philadelphia; live with and tolerate computers; but I also dig manual typewriters. Shoot film from time to time, as a break from the rush of digital. Favorite bikes: Brompton S3L-X, Surly Cross Check, SURLY Long Haul Trucker Favorite camera: Leica M4, Fujifilm X20, Nikon F4. Favorite typewriter: Olympia SM9, Olivetti Lettera 22.
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