Okay, we have reached out to all sorts of bars to the north, the south, the east and the west and repeatedly “Gotten to Yes”, as the Harvard Biz School might put it.cropped-postcardvint11.jpg

Our calendar is more than half-full, so we are optimistic about a great Publetters season*, which of course is already in progress. Please join us tomorrow (Jan. 26) in the cozy confines of CLARKVILLE for our final letter-writing evening of January there. We set up our majestic display of stationery on their 2nd floor at 7:02 p.m.  (the intrepid 34 and 13 Trolleys get you to 43rd St. in no time!)

For FEBRUARY we are booked into DOOBIES BAR–where Publetters was, er, “invented” with the help of a pint (or three) . You are encouraged to write love letters, with lots of drawing on the outsides of the envelope and all that.  First one at DOOBIES (22nd & Lombard) is Feb. 2.

             * What about the rest of this year?  Some clues:

March: Pair after QR ; (En El)

April: GL; (“Any” Phila.)

May: The initials would give it away, ha!; (way down below, on the slant)

June: The only pub in town with a high rise nicknamed after it!

July: There’s a big one of theez in the Franklin Institute, Monsieur; (not too far south)

Oct: Dirty Harry  did NOT prefer this size of Magnum. (Go W., Young Man)

December: Well, the owner AND the bar are both “up against the wall” in Old City, you could say.  (meow!)

Still TBD: June, August, September, November. Do you know a bar that would be good for Publetters? Send the name of the pub, and the owner’s name (and his/her zodiac sign if you know it) to: PUBLETTERS c/o mcget, 627 S. 27th St. Phila. PA 19146 . Do it today.


Do note that the paper and envelopes for Publetters are provided by Casa Papel; stamps and pens brought to you by Trophy Bikes.

moto  Cheers, and remember: A contact in your cell phone is NOT COMPLETE without your friend’s mailing address and ZIP CODE!

About phillytyper

Co-owner, Trophybikes in Philadelphia; live with and tolerate computers; but I also dig manual typewriters. Shoot film from time to time, as a break from the rush of digital. Favorite bikes: Brompton S3L-X, Surly Cross Check, SURLY Long Haul Trucker Favorite camera: Leica M4, Fujifilm X20, Nikon F4. Favorite typewriter: Olympia SM9, Olivetti Lettera 22.
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