Dear Cuba… I know it’s been a while, but…

Writing letters is something that President Barack Obama gets. As the New York Times reported, he uses the “10-LAD” (Ten Letters A Day) system, where he reviews 10 letters from Americans and works their messages into his messages and speeches.


President Barack Obama signs a letter to a Cuban letter writer, in the Oval Office, March 14, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Now President Obama has made history by writing direct mail to Cuba for the first time in half a century, inviting a nice Cuban lady to maybe meet up for a cup of coffee with him when he visits Havana. Click here for the story.

Oh, and yes, she got his letter and enjoyed it. Here she is!

Note: since Publetters began in 2014, writing letters of praise (and complaint) to our President has been a common theme. The address of the White House is always on our Publetters “Cheat Sheet”, and we have other politician’s mail boxes on there as well.  Join us at the Standard Tap for two more Tuesdays in March (3/22 & 3/29), then it’s up to the Grey Lodge Pub in Frankford for April. (starts 4/5)

We just might have some Cuban addresses to write to next time. (We’re still looking for the best address for Ben Stiller, BTW!)

YOU SHOULD KNOW–On the first Tuesday of every month–there are TWO Publetters to choose from.  That is because Doobies Bar (as the birthplace of Publetters) holds a letter-writing session on the first Tuesday of each month. This is in addition to the Publetters sessions that take up residency in a given bar for an entire month. (Here’s a peek at the schedule: April: The Grey Lodge Pub • May: Pub On Passyunk East • June: Fergies Pub • July: Coeur… we will release the late summer/fall schedule very shortly! )



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