OBAMAMAIL, and beyond…

This past Sunday, the New York Times wrote about an extraordinary American institution: The Letter A Day program of the Obama White House. George Washington got 5 letters a day, the NYT reported; Barrack Obama’s daily mail totaled 10,000. A team … Continue reading

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Love Letters/Pub Letters on Valentines Day

Publetters is, as always, every Tuesday in February at DOOBIES BAR. But, on Feb. 14th, Valentines Day, in a special collaboration with the Rosenbach Museum of the Free Library, we are proud to offer LOVE LETTERS / PUB LETTERS.  The Rosenbach will … Continue reading

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Should Valentine’s Day be a MONTH? (discuss)

Valentine’s Day is Saturday–and good luck with all that.  We say it’s always best to have an Alternate Plan prepared; call it a Follow-Up if you like. That’s where we come in.  Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 17, upstairs at the Standard … Continue reading

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