For January Publetters will be peripatetic: we will visit a different hotel bar/lounge every Tuesday, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. •  We will announce locations each Sunday night, both here and via Twitter/Instagram @publetters.  PRO TIP: Hotel Bars can cost a little more for drinks, and a lot more for meals–thus we’re going from 6 to 8 to take advantage of any Happy Hour savings. CapeCod

 Also: we are attending these cozy little spaces as a regular pub patron and doing Publetters on the down-low, so track us down (We’ll have a Samsonite briefcase with an airmail envelope on it, and an airmail envelope next to our glass; just quietly remind us you’re here to write a letter–we’ll fix you up with paper or a post card) and get started. We don’t want to make any fuss for the venue, so just seek us out, please don’t ask the hostess, “Hey where’s Publetters, anyway?”


ALSO: all of the locations will be within walking distance of City Hall, and most will have Happy Hours that end at 6:30 or 7 p.m., so arrive early and order to save! Please watch this space or follow us on Instagram or Twitter to get the location announcement. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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We’re in the home stretch for 2017– at DOOBIES BAR this very DECEMBER

OK, do you really want to be part of the throng who vow to stay more in touch with their friends and relations … in the New Year?

Why wait to make a resolution? – take action now and put it in writing at PUBLETTERS, every single Tuesday in December at the place where it all began–DOOBIES BAR at 22nd & Lombard Streets, where Center City bumps into Southwest Center City and mumbles, “Hey, sorry, I didn’t see you there!”


Settle down with a good drink, and a nice sheet of stationery or perhaps a handsome post card in front of you. (we provide everything, even stamps and loaner pens) Put your words onto the page as people have done for centuries when they want to reach out to someone they care about. Repeat as desired. We count up the letters at the end and even walk them to the U.S. Postal Service Mail Box  –clunk!– for you.

We will be starting at our usual 7:05 p.m. (give or take a minute or two) and going till 9-ish at Doobies; first one is December 5th. (And the 12th, 19th & 26th) We hope to see you at one or all of those pleasant evenings. AS ALWAYS, Publetters is FREE, thanks to Trophy Bikes (the shop that’s open a lot)  and Yards Brewing (makers of Chocolate Love Stout).

REMINDER: always write your city and the full date at the top –because paper mail can last one thousand years and this will give future historians a vital clue!

   # # # 


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FERGIES PUB: good turnout in rain is heartening!

Talent means nothing–unless you show up.

Beautiful cards and letters from last Tuesday

And they did, despite a miserable, chilly rain that blanketed Philly from start to finish. When we were done, 28 cards and letters slid (had slud?) into the mail box, bound for sunny Palm Beach, FL, tiny Mableton, GA and to some notables in Mar-a-Lago, Berlin, Germany (Yo, Chancellor Merkel!) and Houston, TX (hope to see you back on the field, Colin Kaepernick!).

Next Tuesday (11/14) will be chilly but clear, and we hope to see you inside 1214 Sansom Street (between 5:59 and 8-ish p.m.) for the second of four Publetters at Fergie’s.

PUBLETTERS IS FREE, OF COURSE. Thanks to the new, improved Yards Brewing Co. and to Trophy Bikes (the shop that’s open a lot).

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40% of Publetters sessions at The Bishop’s Collar completed!

Advice to a traveling friend on a giant post card!

OK, with two Tuesdays behind us, we’ve put more than 50 carefully hand-written post cards and letters into the hungry mail boxes of the United States Postal Service.

That is but a drop in the ocean of First-Class Mail the USPS moves every year.

If you haven’t Googled it yet, here’s the size of that ocean: in 2016, the USPS delivered 19.7 BILLION pieces of stamped, first-class mail, making the USPS the mightiest postal service on Earth.

Help us add to that total next Tuesday, Oct. 17 (or the 24th or the 31); as we set out an array of stationery, stamps and pens at about  7:02 p.m. and go till 9-ish at The Bishop’s Collar. FREE , of course, thanks to Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes.  

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OPENING NIGHT REPORT: The Bishop’s Collar, 24th & Fairmount, PHL


We had a very encouraging start to this long (FIVE Tuesdays’ run) October at The Bishop’s Collar, a Fairmount pub of the classic variety.  Letter-writing recidivists Woody D. and Robert E set the tone early, and we had 22 letters and post cards tumble into the mail box before last call.  We wrote to the 45th, er, President of the United States, to pals in Golden’s Bridge, NY, to Postmaster Shannon Mitchell, who runs the smallest US Post Office in the U.S. in Ochopee, FL, and to friends and relations in Croton-on-Hudson, and London-on-Thames – as nobody calls it.   A couple of respectful post cards went to a complicated man, U.S. Sen. John McCain AND we also wrote to Maria Paternoster, the astonishing lead guitarist/vocalist for the Screaming Females, in New Brunswick NJ.

OK – can’t help it, click here to see  MP and the SFs demolishing Shake It Off:

Hope you liked that…!  And we further hope you will come by any (or every) Tuesday this month (see dates above!) and put pen to paper. Next one: October 10. We will stack up the stationery starting at about 7:02, (give or take) and go till 9-ish.  FREE, of course, thanks to Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes. (a symbiotic relationship if ever there was one: Beer has carbs and Bikes burn them)

LOOKING AHEAD: We will close out this, er, “challenging” year of 2017 at Fergies on Tuesdays in November (starts early–6pm to 8pm), and Doobies for December, regular time of 7-9ish.







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Fare Thee Well September!

We will be in a different location come October (see below) – BUT NOT YET. Tonight, join us for one last Publetters in one of our favorite bars–Bridgewaters Pub, nestled just inside 30th Street Station, 30th and Market Streets, Philadelphia. We will lay out a nice selection of paper, envelopes, stamps and so on, beginning at about 2 minutes past 7 p.m. (give or take!)  A few things to know about Bridgewaters: 1) There is no apostrophe after the ‘r” ; they have a very good selection of beers, especially Belgian and German varieties; the kitchen goes well beyond pub grub, turning out a really nice selection from snacks to entrees. They play good tunes. You can get to Bridgewaters from anywhere in the region VERY quickly by transit. As for October, scroll down, past this picture of a past Publetters, please…


Take a seat, get a drink, ink a letter. Nothing better.

We’ve been to Brewerytown (Era Bar) but never done a Publetters series in Fairmount, or “Art Museum Area” as some realtors call it! Join us any or all of 5 (yup, five!) Tuesdays in October at The Bishop’s Collar, a very nice neighborhood pub at the corner of 24th Street and Fairmount Avenue. Starts at 7 p.m., goes for a couple hours. First one is Next Tuesday, October 3rd. FREE, as always–thanks to Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes.

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PUBLETTERS IS BACK: in 30th St. Station!


 Bridgewaters Pub is tucked just steps from one of the grandest public spaces in Philadelphia, the main waiting room of Amtrak 30th Street Station.  Bridgewaters has handsome woody interior, a kitchen several notches above your usual tavern, and offers a deep selection of beers on tap and in bottles. So we are very happy to host Publetters there each and every Tuesday in September, from 7 to 9 p.m.  Our first letter-writing session is September 5th.   Join us!

Bridgewaters Pub is located in the South Concourse of 30th Street Station, at the NE corner of 30th and Market Streets.  There is, basically, NOWHERE that doesn’t somehow connect to this mighty train terminal. Every SEPTA Regional Rail Line makes a stop here; as do many Amtrak lines, NJT’s Atlantic City Line, the Boltbus and Megabus, SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line, and all five Subway-Surface trolley lines, and a ton of city buses. It’s 2 min. by bike from the Schuylkill River Trail, and you can dock your Indego bikeshare right outside.      • • •      You can even find metered parking if you insist on driving a motor vehicle!

 In short, if you want to come to Publetters, boy, is this an easy one. 


[ Note Well: Publetters is FREE of charge, thanks to Trophy Bikes and Yards Brewing Company, makers of Philly Pale Ale, to name our personal Yards fave.]

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Here is a stack of more than three dozen letters, some going around the corner, others going all the way to Ghana, West Africa, and at least one going to George Takei.   Next Tuesday (7/25) is our last Publetters of July, our last at Era and our last PL of the summer (we’re taking August off to rest our little digits, though us all and you all will doubtless send our share of postcards as independent study projects!).  Please swing by Era Bar & Restaurant, 2743 Poplar Street in Brewerytown, NOT to be confused with “Art Museum Area, or Fairmount, or Forgotten Bottom, for that matter.

We will start writing letters at the crack of 7-ish and end sometime after 9 p.m., to be inexact!  It’s free, all because of Yards Brewing (Makers of our favorite sessionistic beer: Brawler) and Trophy Bikes (The Shop That’s Open a Lot).

Watch this space, or our little bitty Instagram and Twitter feeds, for our triumphant  sheepish return to a bar TBD on Tuesday, September 5th!


Thanks for reading and writing….

— your Publetters crew.

P.S. Write us on paper:   PUBLETTERS c/o mcget, 627 S. 27th St. Phila. PA 19146


P.P.S.: Have to got an interesting person’s mailing address that you think should be on our cheat sheet, please send it to us at the address above. Do you wish we had a certain address on our cheat sheet?  Ask, again by mail… and we will try to find/add it.





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Brewertyown – next week; time to write your representatives!


As our flyer above illustrates, we will be in Brewerytown for the first time ever on Tuesdays in July. And we are quite happy to set up our stamps, paper, envelopes, stamps and so on at ERA on Poplar Street, a bar which offers the fascinating combo of Ethiopian food and craft beer. For this episode, we will have some very interesting new stamps, addresses and some newly-acquired Hilton Hotel memo cards to complete that vacation vibe. We start, as always, a few minutes after 7 p.m. and gather up the letters around nine-ish, to be inexact!    • • •  Publetters is FREE, thanks to those rascals at Yards Brewing Company–makers of Sons of Ben Rowdy Ale, and Trophy Bikes–the Shop That’s Open a Lot. Get your drink in the glass and your ink on the page – at Publetters.



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TwoMoreTwosdays at McNally’s…

We  ALMOST  ran out of BATMAN  stamps (RIP Adam West) at yesterday’s PUBLETTERS. But before that happened, we composed, wrote, signed, sealed and stamped letters and postcards to Urbana IL, Huntsville, AL (where your host spent his toddler years catching crayfish), Amsterdam HOLLAND, and even to pals right here in Philadelphia.


• • •  Looking heavenward, we wrote to His Holiness Pope Francis, and to Katharine G. Johnson – whose computations at NASA helped send the first Americans into space and inspired the movie “Hidden Figures.”  We’ll be at McNally’s Tavern for two more Tuesdays (6/29 & 6/27) to keep letter writing alive and kicking.

FREE, of course, thanks to Trophy Bikes and Yards Brewing (makers of “Sons of Ben Rowdy Ale”)

Starts about 7 p.m. and goes till a bit after 9, so your host can race back to the Chestnut Hill West Station, just a block away!

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