Farewell (for a while) to Chestnut Hill

Tonight, take shelter from the (warmish) rain inside the snug confines of McNally’s Tavern, very near the highest point in Philadelphia. We will lay out the pens and stationery and US Postal Service stamps very near to 7 p.m. and go till well after 9 p.m.  Here’s our full-color flyer, just as a visual reminder. You may have seen these tacked up in cafes, yoga joints, bookstores and laundromats along Germantown Avenue!


This will be our last evening at McNally’s, so grab am umbrella and come on out. (it’s just a few paces from the SEPTA Chestnut Hill West rail station)  •  •  •  As  November shifts into December, we make our monthly shift of location–we’ll be in Doobies Bar for all of December.  Patti Brett, Doobie’s fearless proprietor, will be laying out some special holiday cards to make things a bit more festive. Doobies, BTW, is where Publetters first made the leap from a flaky idea to an actual flaky event. Doobies also holds the record for the most letters and cards (79!) hand-written in a single Publetters evening.

•  If you’ve never been to Doobies: • 

1) They always have an interesting selection of beers on tap, and some plain old regular beers if you don’t want to be all fancy.  2) They have one table that is fragile and you can’t move it. Don’t even try.  3) GREAT jukebox, one of the best we have ever seen.

Here’s the flyer, and if you can Spot The Differences, then you will no doubt find us at 22nd & Lombard Streets, any Tuesday next month. First one is Tuesday, 12/6. FREE, as always–thanks to Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes.  Same timing, i.e., we start at about 7 p.m. and go till well after 9-ish. flyer_publetters_doobies_square_color

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We’ll Keep On Writing Letters, That’s One Thing We Shall Do.


Joe BIDENyou just keep being you, OK?  … is perhaps what it says inside this one, written earlier this week. We didn’t stop there; we wrote to Salcha, AK, for the first time ever, and we didn’t forget about the Tavern right next door with the nice barman named John who said, “Letter writing? That’s at McNally’s Tavern.”

Please join us the next two Tuesdays at McNally’s, 8634 Germantown Avenue, a quick sprint from the Chestnut Hill West rail station. (It’s the end of the line, so you can’t miss your stop!)

We start a minute or two after 7 p.m. and wrap up in time to rush down the steps to catch the 9:44 to 30th Street Station! It’s FREE, as always, thanks to Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes.  Follow us on Twitter, FB and Instagram if you like, or just show up on Tuesdays.

LOOKING AHEAD: It’s always a pleasure to sit down at DOOBIES BAR, the birthplace of PUBLETTERS, and we will be there (22nd and Lombard Streets, SW CC Phila.) each and every Tuesday in December, starting on 12/6 (13, 20 & 27) … write to the North Pole, the Equator, or anywhere in between, from 7 p.m. to 9-ish. Of course, we’ll have some holiday cards, and we will lend you a pen.



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Let’s climb Chestnut Hill, shall we?

It was a very good October at Local 44, and we had an impressive list of letter (and postcard) destinations to reflect upon:  Vatican City, Bangkok, Sheboygan, Svit, and Upper Darby, to name a very few. We wrote to The Pope (see above) , to actor John Goodman and ACTOR! William Shatner!!, to the UK Atomic Energy Agency, and to sharp-elbowed Rahm Emmanuel out in Chicago IL.


For November, we head up to a place that Harry Potter could (and actually just did) feel at home in–Chestnut Hill, where we set up shop at McNally’s Tavern, 8634 Germantown Ave. The snug pub is just 72 paces from the Chestnut Hill West station of  SEPTA’s Regional Rail line (Which, NOTE WELL, will not be affected by any strike). Our first session is Nov. 1, our second is Nov. 15 (we’re taking off Election Day–VOTE!), and so on.

• Please join us and write a letter to anyone you like about anything you like. •

We start at 7-ish and end a bit after nine in the evening.  FREE, thanks to Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes.



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BOO! We’re almost done at Local 44

Each Tuesday at LOCAL 44, we’ve come up with more and more letters, including this one below, that shows love can be a bit scary at times.

We scarcely had time to finish our Yards IPA, hand-pumped out of the basement of what was once Murphy’s Tavern. Which, BTW, is one of only two pubs from which your Publetters host has ever been flagged–as a foolish ute, I discovered that you could feed the toilet paper roll into the exhaust fan and it would unroll and shoot out into the alleyway. A well-deserved one-month suspension followed!


We wrote two letters to Pope Francis and one to actor John Goodman, to Hollywood CA, and Oricut, MA, both magic–just in different ways. We also sent a letter to a friend in INDIA, which may be our first ever to that subcontinent.

Please join us at 44th and Spruce next Tuesday, Oct. 25, for our last session at Local 44. We will have a dazzling array of stamps to put on your letters–but you must write them first, so bring your best words.


Below is a diagram for your reference:


It shows how to build the signature sandwich of our November hosts–McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill.  Will it be physically possible to eat a Schmitter AND write a letter at the same time? Let’s find out!   We will be at McNally’s almost every Tuesday in November (we will be busy VOTING on Election Day, Nov. 8) – starting Nov. 1. ( and 15, 22, & 29) Note that McNally’s is just 75 paces from SEPTA’S Chestnut Hill West Regional Rail station, and perhaps a 10-minute walk from the Chestnut Hill East station, so it’s an easy train ride from nearly anywhere.  We put out the pens, stamps and stationery at 7 pm, and write letters till a little after 9. FREE, of course, thanks to Yards Brewing Company and Trophy Bikes.


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28 at 44!

Twenty-eight Letters, that is–at Local 44, to give the full name of this month’s venue for the highly-esteemed-and-pressed PUBLETTERS.  Our intrepid letter writers doubled the evening’s tally (we had 14 letters in our opening Tuesday) to 28 utterly sincere, ink-on-paper epistles.

…Among which were some DIY postcards with graphic cheers and jeers going out to friends and fiends. (WARNING: Trump imagery below)


Besides The Donald, we wrote to the altogether more pleasant George (Lt. Sulu)  Takei, to pals in Australia, Ann Arbor and for–the first time in Publetters history–to Norcross GA and Conestoga PA.  Bet those places have some good diners to visit, you know?  We also dropped a line to friends in Matthew-battered Florida to let them know we’re thinking of them.

We’d like to thank Yards Brewing and Trophy Bikes for keeping Publetters FREE, and the US Postal Service for delivering billions (over 60 BILLION, to be exact) of actual First Class Mail pieces in the past year.  Why not add your words to that awesome Pike’s Peak of paper?  Join us for two more Tuesdays (10/18 & 10/25) at Local 44, at the corner of 44th and Spruce Street, where West Philly and University City meet and fist-bump, or shake hands as the case may be!  We set out our paper, envelopes and stamps as close to 7 p.m. as possible and stride off to the mail box a bit after 9.

COMING UP: Is it even physically possible to eat a “Schmitter”  – and write a letter? Find out this November, when Publetters comes to Chestnut Hill, every Tuesday night at McNally’s , 8634 Germantown Ave., just a few steps from SEPTA’s Chestnut Hill West rail stop.

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Greetings, are you seated comfortably?  Let’s us first just take a moment to look backward fondly at Manayunk and Lucky’s Last Chance: we hung there on Main Street for every Tuesday in September, and discovered a whole new floor on the Food Pyramid: Tater Tots. Lucky’s serves them in a wild variety and we could go on, but we had better not stray into Craig LaBan’s turf! Back to letter-writing, and boy did those who came out to Lucky’s write letters to places, including: Uxbridge MA, Honolulu, Ephrata and Forty Fort PA, and Katonah and Brooklyn and Bridgewater NY, and Yorba Linda CA, to name a few.

For October, we travel to disputed territory in the 19104 – the corner of 44th and Spruce, where Local 44 (once Murphy’s Tavern, we old-heads can tell you…) stands like a border checkpoint, if a border checkpoint sold great burgers and pitchers while checking your ID. Is this the place where University City ends–and West Philly begins? Some say so… but the line blurs with the seasons,and the age of those discussing the issue while trying to pick from a ridiculous selection of craft beers inside Local 44. (more underneath the pic, please scroll down….)


Into this comfortable frame, we will set out a stack of nice paper, envelopes, a pint glass full of pens, and a binder of US Postal Service First Class stamps.  ALMOST everything needed to write a letter. We’re counting on you for the words, and we know you will come up with them here in “Brainy University City”… um, we meant West Philly.  Our first of four Tuesdays is 10/4.  See you at Local 44!

(details, details…. we start around 7 pm, and trundle our bundle of letters to the mail box a bit after 9 pm, and of course it’s free–thanks to Yards Brewing Company and Trophy Bikes. Stationery by those inkjet-stained fellows at Northern Liberty Press. )

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“… to Boldly Go… To MANAYUNK…”

The atmosphere at Lucky’s Last Chance is nearly identical to that of Earth – or “Center City”, as some call it.  There is a surface transport hub operated by S.E.P.T.A. just a short distance from Lucky’s. Our group will gather to take part in a popular local custom, Publetters, in which we inscribe personal thoughts and stories on a sheet made of wood pulp. The sheet is then sealed into an envelope (also made of wood pulp) and placed in a steel “Post Office” box on the street. The next morning, a representative of this region’s government will gather up the letters and they will be transported to the individuals whose names and coordinates are written on the envelope.


We will supply to you the mail coordinates for Kirk, Uhura, Picard  AND Sulu, should you wish to attempt communications with them by this “paper mail.”  Join us every Tuesday in September (including tonight, 9/13) at Lucky’s Last Chance, 4421 Main St. This activity commences at 7:01 p.m.; the letters are gathered up and walked to the mail box a little after 9 p.m. It’s free, and yes, we will lend you a pen!

Brought to you by Yards Brewing, Trophy Bikes and Northern Liberty Press.

Drink Beer • Ride Bicycles • Print Words of Wisdom and Comfort

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Manayunk is like, a Thing!

We came, we saw, we drawed!

Yes, it was better in the original Latin, we know.

In our debut at Lucky’s Last Chance, which overlooks Manayunk’s urbane Main Street, we made a very brisk start right out of the gate. We filled out some 24 letters and postcards, including this one – that really made use of that envelope’s real estate:


– And to where did we all write our letters? Well, there were some big cities– LA, DC and Chicago.  But we also reached out to friends and relations inhabiting charming small towns like Bridgewater, NY, Chester, NJ, and Gilbertsville, PA.  The hometown got some love, too,  with 8 letters staying right here in Philadelphia.

Next week, we plan to have some stamps that will help your letter to boldly go where no letters have gone before, you might say. We’ll also have the mailing addresses for a certain James T. Kirk, and his successor, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. We’ll be at Lucky’s Last Chance every Tuesday in September (9/13, 20 & 27) from about 7 to after 9. Bring your entire vocabulary and put your thoughts down in a letter or three.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter if you like; or you may even better drop us a line with your predictions for fall, money orders, and maybe a list of people you’d like to correspond with – to:

PUBLETTERS c/o mcget • 627 S. 27th St. • Phila. PA 19146 



with USPS stamps courtesy of Trophy Bikes, and stationery from our friends

at Northern Liberty Press – that incessant trumpet of trade!




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We are treating August as a vacation month for Publetters while we work on our writer’s pallor and consider what it might be like to wear a sweater outdoors again.


It is our solemn duty to remind you that Doobies Bar tosses a Publetters on the first Tuesday of each and every month – which in the case of August is this very Tuesday, 8/2.  We will have an interesting assortment of stationery and stamps and the almost semi-famous Publetters Cheat Sheet, packed with the addresses of the good, the bad and the ugly, from Tig Notaro to William Shatner to Donald Drumpf to Pope Francis. The room gets a bit quieter around 7 p.m. at the start and we count up and mail the whole stack around 10 p.m. – or later, if someone runs off at the fingers, so to speak!

 WHAT IS A YARDS CARD?   Read on… 


You could just recycle that empty Yards container… but you could also grab a scissors and snip out some YardsCards to let the folks back home know what you drank this summer.  US Postal Service regulations require that postcards should measure from 3 & 1/2″ by 4 & 1/4″ to 4 & 1/4 by 6 inches.  Both these YardsCards are a little bigger than regulation: they need a First-Class stamp to get to their destination.

Publetters is PRESENTED BY YARDS BREWING COMPANY, with stamps courtesy of Trophy Bikes; stationery provided by the skilled craftsmen of Northern Liberty Press.  Publetters is FREE, of course–just bring words, and arrange them together in whatever order you feel will most please the person you’re writing to.

COMING UP: Publetters has a full schedule this fall: We will be doing month-long Tuesday night residencies at: McNally’s, Local 44, Lucky’s Last Chance and Doobies. For complete details, watch this space, or subscribe to our pesky little Instagram and Twitter feeds on your, um,  mobile device.







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Well. We snagged a BEST of PHILLY!

There it was, in black and white (and red, and purple, etc.).

Under Best Geeky Fun, sub-category, Best Fun for Literary Types – was Publetters, “…semi-regular nights in which you pen letters…” Thanks, Philly Mag.

Note Well: Publetters is now nearly as regular (maybe more) as SEPTA: We’re booked for every Tuesday night, September through December, at a different tavern each month.


President Barack Obama signs a letter to a Cuban letter writer, in the Oval Office, March 14, 2016. The first to be mailed to Cuba directly, in many years. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) We have his mailing address–and a lot of other political addresses, including Bernie’s and Donald’s and yup, Jim Kenney’s, too.


BUT, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Before July is over, we have got one more Publetters at COEUR, 824 S. 8th St. this Tuesday, 7 to about 9 p.m.-ish. A few things to know: we’ll have a special guest host, Jaime Fountaine, who was “raised by wolves” according to her website. She has transcended that upbringing to host the Tire Fire Reading series, among other things. Yes, Jaime will lend you one of our loaner pens–we don’t call them “loaner pens” for nothing.

ALSO: Coeur just won “Best Poutine”, and Publetters’ stamp sponsor Trophy Bikes also won a Best of Philly. So get an award-winning bike, ride over to this award-winning event and scarf down some award-winning poutine for some winning winsomeness, why don’t you?

OK, now let’s look ahead. NO, not to Election Day! But to the torrid month of August, which will only have one (or two, maybe) Publetters. As always, DOOBIES BAR has their own special Publetters on the first Tuesday of every month. Our “residency” Publetters is off till September (Lucky’s Last Chance in MYNK more on that later) so Tuesday, August 2nd is your last, best moment for a summer Publetters inky fling–at Doobies, 22nd & Lombard.

Shore Lines? We might do a Publetters at the Jersey Shore – it will be an last momento/ad hoc thing, announced on our Instagram/Twitter/Facebook blips, so maybe go and follow them for a bit, please. Thanks, and as always,









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